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About Central

Central Middle Schools serves students in 6th-8th grade and is located at 9400 S. Sawyer Ave.
At CMS, you’ll find a school community that is constantly searching for ways to give back. Students get involved in community service and volunteering, dive deep into their interests in and out of the classroom, and develop the skills they need to succeed in life. 
Central Middle School brings students from across Evergreen Park together to form a strong school community built on relationships, passion, and the desire to get involved. Students at CMS are positive and truly enjoy coming to school each day and are supported by dedicated educators who are passionate about nurturing a strong school community. Parents and guardians serve as involved partners in their child’s education and there is a strong sense of community pride in our school. Sixth graders are welcomed into CMS with an orientation and develop immediate connections with other students and CMS staff. Students have many opportunities to get involved in a number of interest areas. Whether it’s athletics, extracurricular activities, student leadership opportunities like the National Junior Honors Society, the Student Leadership Committee, or our popular music program, students can pursue what interests them. A strong Social Emotional Learning program teaches students essential tools like managing stress, overcoming mistakes, how to collaborate and cooperate, and other life skills that prepare them for Evergreen Park High School and beyond!