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Board Approves Hiring of Two Central Middle School Deans

At their meeting, the D124 Board of Education approved the hiring of two newly created positions of Dean for Central Middle School. The positions are part of a new structure for CMS that will see Dr. Jenna Moller as Principal and Ms. Christina Lavin as Associate Principal with support from the Dean of Students who will be focused on student events, behavior, and serve as instructional support and leaders in the building. We are excited to welcome Mr. Djimon Smith and Mr. John Jensen to the EP Family!
Djimon Smith has a Bachelor of Music Education from Central State University in Ohio as well as his Masters of Educational Administration from Ball State University and is currently working towards his doctorate. He is a former brand director and currently serves as Dean of Students at Crete-Monee School District. 
He describes himself as a no-nonsense person who enjoys collaborating and working with students to see the moment that understanding clicks for them. 
"I was attracted to Evergreen Park in part because of the diversity of community," said Smith. "Middle School is a fun age because the students are not yet adults but they also aren't too young to not understand concepts. I really want to collaborate with the team to provide an exciting school experience for children."
A musician himself, he is passionate about those activities that take place outside of the classroom from sports, clubs, music, and more. 
"When you feel cared for, you like school more," said Smith. "Joining activities is a great way for students to get excited about and interested in school. 
John Jensen has a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Governor State University and is currently a Special Education Teacher at Oak Lawn Community High School where he has also served as coach for track and football. He has experience in working with a Emotional Disability program and found a passion for school administration and supporting students with behaviors and helping students navigate school and get ready for life. 
"I am really excited to come and be a positive force in the building," said Jensen. "With middle school students it's really important to teach them how to react to situations and how the world works a little bit and I am excited to be able to build consistency and set expectations through the building with the rest of the leadership team."
He loves sports and is a proud Bears and White Sox fan. He looks forward to attending events in Evergreen Park and getting to know the community and collaborating to support students. 
"With me, it's never a 'me thing,' it's a 'we thing,'" said Jensen. 
We are excited for the new structure and team coming to CMS for the 2024-25 school year!